In 2013, when Kelsa DeBrabant’s 3-year-old daughter kept coming home from preschool with ripped knees she had a choice - throw away the pants or turn lemons into lemonade.  With 10+ years fashion industry experience under her belt, she decided to spin the negative experience of another favorite pair of leggings now torn into an opportunity for her daughter to create her own “new favorite.”

The Happy Patches product was developed to let young kids be the fashion designers, and thereby empowering them and encouraging creativity along the way. Happy Patches are made from a lightweight, flexible vinyl material perfectly suited to kids’ clothing.  The iron-on designs are great for covering holes and stains, or creating new fashions based on the customer's individual style.  Every design is "Mom-Tested" with local focus groups to ensure proper trend direction and quality.  

Happy Patches is based in Scarsdale, NY and sells to local boutiques and online.  

All products are made in America.   

Happy Patches’ vision is to become a lifestyle brand whose mission is to design fashionable and clever products for kids that promote creativity, foster personal expression and build self-esteem. 

Happy Kid = Happy Life.  Happy Patches!